Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Good morning beautiful sun.
I can feel you on my skin.
I can feel you.

Good morning beautiful sun.
Is that me shining on you from within.

Good morning beautiful sun
You sing to my eyes
Far away circles
My eyes dance around you.
Warmth absorbing into my skin
From me to the sun from the sun to me.
Through the window.

Looking down Madison avenue in Memphis tn.
The trolley stop is just up the block.
I hear it every morning just as the moon is about to make her descend
After a drunk night of art and mourning.

Good morning beautiful sun.

This is truly the best morning I could have imagined.
Place myself within my consciousness.
Focus on the divine within me.
My ego appears in the state of worry.
But I give my ego a hug and say thanks for coming.
Or maybe I have been more violent with my ego.
I don’t know. being hit as a child=
I forgive myself for thinking that that is love,
And I will make effort to find only kind gracious merciful generous
Open patient love within myself
To share with others.

Putting on make up makes me feel like a woman. It makes my body feel really more here on earth. Putting on make up. I feel Korean I think of that Korean couple on lost and when cole was helping me move out of the harbert buildings said he was on the third season.

Putting on make up makes me feel like I care.
It is a tradition in most cultures.
To be your best.
To serve.
It is also good for my skin.
It nourishes it.
It firms it.
Plump cheeks.
Putting on make up is a ritual.
I have no face
Here I sit and can only
Imagine typing dreaming playing.
I’m only half alive.
Ding ding goes the trolley.
I’m very much alive.

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