Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I’m folding towels and I feel like I’m from Korea
I’m sitting on my bed reading the Bible and I feel
Like I’m from Korea.

Past Life Flash Backs
Past Life Flash Backs

Being in love is forever
Being in love is forever
Being in love from nowhere
Being in love from where and whince I came.

The snow looks like sugar falling from the sky
I don’t remember if it’s cold outside,
Huh, Huh, Huh, Huh, I beg your pardon?

Huh, Huh, Huh, Huh, Huh, I beg your pardon?

I don’t know a thing about you
We’ve both changed
But here we all are looking like moving
From where and whince we came

I can’t see anything but speckled lights and water color faces
Everything is wet and saturated with Saturday night blow.

At the bar,
My drinks don’t cost a thing,
Cuz I be saving all my money to buy a diamond ring

I’m going to stare deep into your eyes
And marry myself

I’m going to stare deep into your eyes
And marry myself

He says he wants to slurp me snog me flog me,
Wann’n me obsessed wid him
Telling me to dance for him

At the bar
I don’t buy a drink
They keep appearing in my hand
As if I’m royalty.

Shadows creeping
Whispering to death

At the buccaneer in front of the fire place
, or boring manifesto
Manifold miniblinds, get rich on the telephone
It’s cold in my apt
It’s cold in my apt

It’s cold in my apt
It’s cold in my apt
It’s cold in my apt

So I walk to the bar
To start drinking

I sit by a pic of mic
On a green and white checkered table
Listening to the table tell me fables.

Got my passport
I’m ready to go

I haven’t eaten all day
Ready to go

It’s gonna kill me if I can’t chase it away.
But I love her so much she keeps coming back.
A black hole the others say
The black hole the others say
Oi boy sold his sole to the avocado bagger

I asked him
How can you sell something you have never aquired
On the black market,
In the trenches writing to my geisha in korea.
She’s in love with me tan tan.

Patrick swayzee was real lazy
Didn’t know how to save me
I got a body wave in my hair

I walked all the stares
To the top of the empire
State building and jumped off

Curiosity like gravity
Focus here in the light
And tell me what you see

Am I looking at your or are you looking at me
I can’t tell in the rain.
Ask me when It’s sunny.

The sun fell into the ocean
Burnt out like princess di in the ymca

Going to the bank

Sajalistic was a mystic always knew what to say
She told me it’s the ego this and the ego that
The body the body of one divided by one divided by
One set of knives cutting the other set of knives in half

In the mountains ain’t go no signal but I’m dreamin’ so
I’m feel’n you anyway,

Get home check my email
Just what I suspected
I’m going to be late
For work tomorrow.

Religion sat across the table from science
A body dies to the left of religion
Religion turns her face to the sky and seas
Clear contours no one else sees
Science turns and smiles as if he were in love
And a bomb fell inside their hearts
A bomb fell insides their hearts
And the powder of bones she mops across her face
Captures the boy’s youth like a camera then shoots him for his coat and wears it to the party the following night

Picture this being a bee drinking roses and making honey
messy and mean

I’m a geisha flash life pass back.

I love drugs
Drugs love me
We’re the same we

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