Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Alwayslooking searcing the stick te honey the reverse I saw you there
I had no idea that something so clear could be steering me near
Is it the beer did I have two or three your company is pretty nice
To me the honey on my key board making it hard to type
Creative destructive what is and isn’t no vice
Rice o roni the san fran cisco treat you hate mecuz I’m brew tafullll
Such a disgusting treat.

Ou make me feel sexy you
Tell me I’m beautiful
That’s all a girl of the spirit
Ever wants to hear

So boys if you’re wonderin’
What we girls are thinkin’
We just kinda love ya all
In different forms
Of the curtain call

i’m watching you
you’re looking for a fuck
but honestly I love you
more than to begin
the winner
of the bread
as far along as a croquet cookie
I definitely think that we are stuffing our
Rookie closet door knob,
I am so drunk I cannot spell
I never thought I’d be able to type in the first place
Alcohol is a vice of my genes
I have had many relatives die of it
If I die, by the grapes be by.

Waiting to separate the type of gate of iron of trash of rubbish of lies of
Cries in the night of women bleeding bleeding in delight in fright
Of the night that is to come Nike cupid psyche where are we
Did you hear the beautiful song the angels were singing in reference to the
Dripping rock way inside the cave far beyond a human ear unless it’s one
That’s listening to this poem

Listen here this this puppet do you hear
Puppet puppet master that knows not the strings of the puppet
As you did not form them,
Maybe with practice, with lots of practice, with lots of time you’ll learn
The elegant ways of the st rings and the taut turn.
Oh baby please you mezmorize me mozerella cheese
And the beez knees
Sacrifice and please your mother chased the trees’
As it’s the energy face up in you mcweezy heart
Attack I’m alive,
Oh you care
Sacrifice and dare

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