Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My beauty was not able to make up for your forwardness

My beauty was not able to make up for my insanity.

My beauty was not able to make up for time forgotten.

True beauty. Is the mystery. The dazzling mystery which exist within each individual. It was a shock to me to see that in you, and it hurt me bad. Yet what I saw in you must have existed in me as well in order for me to have experienced it. Holy righteous blood was shed. We loved each other and wanted to kill each other because we wanted to die knowing what our love once was. Because it used to be the first miracle of Christ.
It once was palm Sunday in the south.

What does the light go.
It leaves a room.
In the name of jesus.

(the person to the right of me is afraid of admitting the presence of jesus because of how it may make her look to someone in the north.)

Perspective and perception is beautiful.
Beautiful beautiful, yet it can not make up for our utter stupidity in the logic of the stars.

Do you see what I see
Do we see what we see
What is it that we see.
Do you see what I see.
Do you see what I see
What a miracle it could be
If my spirit could meet with utter
Joy and ecstasy with another human being

In body in soul in spirit in time in form space sensation non sensation presence.
I have a nose to smell a mouth to speak eat drink suck lick a tongue speech, teeth eat graze touch hands skin fibers muscles strings tying laces like shoes like bunny ears.

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